We hereby introduce our company briefly. Our company, PT. Indoteknik Adi Karya engaged in the field of Mechanical, Electrical, Data and Automation.

     PT. Indoteknik Adi Karya is a company established in Indonesia since 2015. The company's activities include supply and engineering which includes material suppliers, Steel Fabrication, Piping, Plumbing, Electrical Installation, Electronics, Data and Automation.

     PT. Indoteknik Adi Karya is a company supported by a dedicated workforce and managed by skilled experts and supervisors with direct experience in related industries. We glad to share our commitments and perspectives with our clients.

     PT. Indoteknik Adi Karya provides standards in service, satisfaction at the first time and at all times. Quality is our goal and how to make it better is our ability. We are proud of that, which is the basis of the trust given by our customers in working for Customer satisfaction. This is the value we can give to our customers.

     PT. Indoteknik Adi Karya hopes to continue to work with client companies that can be committed, provide trust and occupy an important role in the collaboration industry.


Being a company that helps build the country and Serve customers who need our services for jobs that are in accordance with company classification with Excellent Service.